Our experience of using Product Hunt's Ship service

on Tue 21 Nov

So, we just launched SaaSify using the Product Hunt Ship service and thought it would be useful to share the experience. 

The Ship service is pretty new launched earlier this year (2017) and essentially it acts as a page to share your idea and collect email addresses of people who are interested. You can jump on the wait list to get it free (we were 315,000th in line) or you can pay to get instant access. It's $89/m.

Now first off this felt like a very expensive way to build a basic page, but when you do the analysis it's actually a pretty good deal. Your alternative is to:

  • Create a page somewhere else (for us we have a website platform so no real costs here)
  • Buy a domain
  • Set up a mailchimp account
  • Connect your mailchimp sign up form
  • Buy some traffic (FB ads or Adwords)

The time and money you spend will almost certainly be more than even 3 months @$89.

So assuming you decide this is a good idea what exactly is it?

If you visit https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming you'll see a long list of products in pre-launch or early beta stage listed out.

To get on this list you need to create an Upcoming landing page. Pages are very very simple.

There are 2 main edit screens once you're logged in. 

1. The settings

A neat feature is you can invite co-founders and your team as "makers". They can then edit the page too.

2. The Landing page screen

This is it. Three areas to type text, a logo and custom theme colours.

One majorly annoying bug is that every change results in the custom colours being "forgotten", so you have to keep changing it back after you save a change.

The end result is this:


Got to say. The whole thing was very easy to do.

To put it live you just select the "Promote" option at the bottom of the landing page. It took a week for them to get us listed, although the expectation they had set was that it would be instant. That said they use intercom and are pretty responsive.

In the past 6 months I've created 6 or so landing pages to test out various ideas. This was by far the easiest launch. So I would recommend it if you think PH is a place your target audience may hang out.

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