Productize Your Digital Business
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Automate all those annoying time consuming tasks
so you can focus on getting the job done.

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Offering a service as a product is the best way to create a predictable, stable and recurring revenue stream for your digital business. But...

A productized service only works by defining carefully pre-scoped jobs and costing the time to do them.

But what about all the other bits?

  • Helping clients know what they need
  • Creating a scope document or contract
  • Setting up a subscription
  • Sending out invoices
  • Chasing late payments
  • Collecting the information you need to do the job
  • Chasing clients for the right information
  • Making sure clients don't request more than they're entitled to
  • Letting clients know how you're progressing

All this stuff takes time and that eats into your margin. We've run a boutique Web Design agency for 5 years and know this all too well. We're building SaaSify to take all this noise and deal with it. Leaving us to get on with the job.

Every unstructured client interaction introduces delays and risk. Don't pick up the phone and don't read emails. Channel everything through your client portal.


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